What is the purpose of The Cova Project?

To provide benevolent relief to girls and women of reproductive age across the world who are experiencing poverty, suffering, distress and disadvantage due to lack of financial resources and access to basic necessities.

Is The Cova Project a registered charity?

The Cova Project is a registered charity in Australia. See next question for information on DGR status.


For Phase 1(2018), The Cova Project was an auspicee of The N/a'an ku sê Foundation (a fabulous charity in Namibia that works to conserve native land, wildlife and culture). The N/a'an ku sê Foundation is a registered charity in Namibia, the US and the UK.

Is my donation tax deductible?

All donations are tax deductible in Australia!


All donations made before 01/12/18 state that the donation was made out to The N/a'an ku sê Foundation for the purpose of The Cova Project initiative, these donations are tax deductible in the US. All money from these donations has gone towards providing safe sanitary solutions to African women.

When do the girls get the cups?

In 2019, a team will be heading to Africa to distribute the menstrual cups raised. We can confirm at this stage that The Cova Project will provide menstrual cups to over 3,000 African women. That’s because of you, our wonderful donors!

*In February 2019, 2,500 cups head to South Africa to reach girls in rural communities north of Durban.

*In April 2019, 500 cups head to our new partners in Malawi and Liberia!

Why menstrual cups?

Why menstrual cups? Where do we begin? Menstrual cups are first and foremost reusable, which simply makes them cost effective and good for the environment.

The menstrual cup is medical grade silicon that can last up to 10 years. That means a single cup, for just $7, can get a girl through her entire high school period. 

The cup can also be left in for 12hours at a time, which means girls are no longer impacted by a lack of sanitary bins or toilets at their school or workplace. They need not worry about their period all day and can simply empty it in the privacy of their home, morning and night. Cups also require just a small amount of water to clean, instead of reusable pads that need to be washed well. 

The cup also comes in 2 sizes, to accomodate for women beginning their period, women who bleed lightly, women who bleed heavily and women who have had a child, making sure the product experience is right for them. 

Menstrual cups are also compact and can be stored away, reducing shame for the girls, and providing peace of mind every month, that they needn't spend their hard earned money on sanitary products instead of food. 

How much of my donation is going to the cups?

About 80% of the money we raise is going directly to the purchasing of menstrual cups for the girls. Thanks to generous private donations and grants, we do not need to focus large amounts of funding on anything but our little miracle product and accompanying educational aids! Unfortunately, being a global operation, there are international fees and shipping costs that must be factored in. BUT! Please rest assured that every cent that could go towards giving a girl a cup, is going towards giving a girl a cup. 

See our Fund Distribution page for more details.

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