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How many times have you experienced that moment where you unexpectedly get your period and hurriedly approach your friend to ask,

“Is there any chance you have a tampon?”

It’s practically a rite of passage and I’ve never met anyone who, in response, doesn’t immediately reach into their bag and pull out a lifesaving solution. That’s what women do. Because, beautiful or not, periods are the worst and periods without preparation and supplies, are simply unmanageable.

Ignoring the pain, changes in hormone levels and general discomfort, periods are embarrassing. The stigma and taboo around menstruation means that unless you can hide the experience flawlessly, you are likely to face humiliation and judgement from those around you.

So, how can one be expected to attend school, university or work without access to the tools that help mask this experience? 

Moreover, what do you do when your choice is between providing food for your family or buying a pack of pads for your upcoming cycle?

Well, the answer is simple, you don’t have to make the decision because your sisters around the world have your back. The Cova Project is going to ensure that African women no longer have to make decisions that disadvantage themselves because of their periods. We are answering the call.

Across Africa, girls who experience their periods miss approximately 50 days of school a year. They are getting 3/4 of an education in comparison to their male counterparts. It's time we do something about that. How many issues of inequality can be solved by a physical product? With FlowCup's high quality menstrual cups, we can give African women up to 10 years of menstrual support for just $5. 

Think about it as if it were your friend desperately asking for a tampon. For the price of a good cup of coffee (one of those fancy ones that come with sparking water on the side) you can give a girl access to free sanitary supplies for many years. Menstrual cups are an eco-friendly technology that can be reused and cleaned with the simple ingredient of boiling water. 

Having your period is not an option and helping women to experience it safely and affordably shouldn’t be either.

Help a sister out by donating today.

Donations for Phase 1 have closed (23/11/18)

Photo credit: Antje Rahn

Photo credit: Antje Rahn