We'd like to thank all our incredible supporting organisations for their ongoing assistance. 

"Many hands make light work"

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Flowcup have provided The Cova Project with an unbelievably priced product that allows us to provide so many women with access. They believe in Impact over Profits.

Visit Flowcup at flowcup.com

Or find out more about them here


Official Cova Artist

Tishya Desai (Australia)

“My work is centred around various issues surrounding women’s sexual rights, exploring themes like freedom of sexuality, promiscuity, sexual assault, victim blaming, gender-based violence, pornography, discrimination, and misogyny.”

Check out Tishya’s work here  or here


Official Educational Booklet Artist

Emmanuel Wokocha (Nigeria)

Emmanuel AKA Eminark is a freelance Digital Artist/Graphic Designer from Nigeria. He has worked with over 80 clients from all over the world and kindly decided to support The Cova Project, doing three unique designs, featuring Namibian girls, to provide accurate representation in The Cova Project’s educational booklets.

Inspired by art, culture and nature, he seeks to master his craft, while providing 100% customer satisfaction to his clients by consistently developing and broadening the scope of his knowledge and creativity.

Check out Eminark’s work here

Naankuse Foundation

All donations receipts are made to the Naankuse Foundation.