Please give generously to The Cova Project. Your Donations go a long way! 

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Give a Cup

For just $6.50 you can donate a menstrual cup and give a woman up to ten years of access to a safe sanitary care. Access to a menstrual cup will allow girls to stay in school for the 50 days a year they would otherwise miss when menstruating. Change someones life today! 


Donate a Cup

(All donations are in AUD)


Support a family (Give 4 cups)

Support a family by giving 4 cups. Matriarchs are the cornerstone of this project. Mother’s have a strong influence over the community and their girls, so why not give to a family and start the discussion, where it matters.


Support a family

(All donations are in AUD)


Lifetime supply (Give 10 Cups)

Guarantee a girl a lifetime of access to safe sanitary products by purchasing 10 menstrual cups and covering the costs of personal development educational materials. The gift of a lifetime… 


Donate a Lifetime Supply

(All donations are in AUD)


Girl Group (Give 20 cups)

Support a group of friends by donating 20 cups. There’s nothing better than the support of your friends, so why not back a group of girls and give them the gift of access to safe sanitary products?


Donate to a Girl Group

(All donations are in AUD)

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Support a community (GIVE 50 cups)

The more people with access to cups and accurate education, the higher the chance the whole community gets on board.


Support a Community

(All donations are in AUD)


Leadership donation

Give the ultimate gift by supplying over 150 menstrual cups. Then top that off by helping us add to our projects to increase awareness and education in these communities. Give girls access to the supplies they need, to stop missing out on the education they deserve.


Leadership Donation

(All donations are in AUD)