The Cova Project team is made up of a dynamic group of women from all over the world, who are unified by one goal:

To provide access to safe sanitary supplies to African women


G.D Anderson

Creator (Australia)

G.D is an Australian activist and writer. In 2015 she worked for the N/a'an ku sê Foundation in Namibia and experienced the unique work they did providing free healthcare to the marginalised San Bushmen community. That experience inspired G.D to work on solutions to ease the burdens of women living in impoverished, developing communities. 

"I had mentally prepared myself for the malnutrition and the TB epidemic but I felt like such a fool when I visited the local store and found diapers and pads being sold individually. I couldn't really fathom that you might only have enough money to buy one pad during your period, and you'd have to strategise when to use that ration. The idea of experiencing something associated with so much shame and not having the tools to make it just a little easier on yourself, was heartbreaking. The girls were walking enormous distances to school, the women were working desperately to feed their families, where was the space to take care of themselves?

We joke about chocolate, rom-coms, Asprin, heat packs and Adele but those are the comforts we need, even after having all the pads, tampons and menstrual cups we could possibly want. I just had to try and make life a little easier for these women."

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Diana Lidforsen

Cup supplier (Sweden)

Diana started FlowCup in 2017, hoping to bring the economic and environmentally friendly menstrual cup into the mainstream. Her business philosophy is ‘Impact over Profits‘, which is why Flowcup became the ideal supplier for The Cova Project.

I believe that access to comfortable and safe sanitary protections should be every woman's right, no matter where in the world she lives. Contributing to this has always been obvious to me


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caillie dunne

Head of Marketing (Australia)

After volunteering at the N/a'an ku sê Lifeline Clinic, Caillie became passionate about supporting communities across Africa. She has a Bachelor of Commerce from Melbourne University and brings a unique understanding of the situation to the role. 


Georgia Vaile

Head of fundraising (U.S)

Georgia is the brilliant mind behind The Cova Project's U.S fundraising operations. With a career in interior design and a background in public relations, Georgia brings the creativity and knowledge necessary to establish an exciting, new network of support for our wonderful project. Georgia is based in L.A and determined to bring awareness to such a universal issue. 

"When I heard about The Cova Project, I was eager to lend my skills in any way I could. It is such a worthy cause, with measurable outcomes and most importantly a long lasting positive impact. It was something I felt would be life-changing to a lot of people."



Georgia Kokegei

Head of Ambassadors

Georgia grew up in a small beach town on the East Coast of Australia and moved to the U.S three years ago. She has a background in Business Management and is currently studying Psychology. After hearing about The Cova Project, Georgia was inspired to join the team and make an impact! She is passionate about providing Africa women with safe sanitary solutions.