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THE COVA PROJECT is having its first Australian fundraiser OCTOBER 10th and it’s an event not to be missed…

Sponsored by event partner, Archie Rose and PANA Organic, this comfort food wonderland will have all those cheeky treats one craves around that time of the month.

So, Sydney, join us for a cocktail and help us raise money to provide safe sanitary care to women who need it!




G.D Anderson

G.D is a globally recognised activist in the field of women's rights. She is known best for her quote, "Feminism isn't about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength." 


Caillie Dunne

Caillie is a Commerce graduate from Melbourne University and The Cova Project’s CMO. After spending time in Namibia, Caillie became familiar with period poverty and was eager to be a part of the solution. You can find more of Caillie’s work at RETALKS.ORG

Menstrual cUP SUPPLIER

Flowcup is a manufacturer of menstrual cups, with a focus on sustainability and philanthropy. It was started by CEO Diana Lidforsen, who believes "access to comfortable and safe human rights should be every woman's right, no matter where in the world she lives". Flowcup's menstrual cups are made of FDA approved medical silicone.


What We Do

We work to provide benevolent relief to girls and women of reproductive age across the world who are experiencing poverty, suffering, distress and disadvantage due to lack of financial resources and access to basic necessities.

The Cova Project provides menstrual cups to African women, bridging the 50 day attendance gap between girls and boys due to menstruation. We create and distribute educational materials, with accurate visual representation of the girls, to build confidence as they strengthen their knowledge around personal health and development.


Why We Do It

"The short answer is, we do it because we can. We can ease the suffering and reduce the disadvantage. We have the drive to make meaningful change and the commitment to make it happen. We don't have a choice. There is a problem and with some serious hard work and help, we can provide a solution."

G.D Anderson


Your Involvement


For The Cova Project to be successful, we need your help! Become an ambassador, donate, fundraise, get your local community or school involved, and help a sister out!



Take on the challenge and become an ambassador for The Cova Project! Contact us and we will send you a pack of promotional materials to help you share Cova with the world. JOIN THE COVA COLLECTIVE TODAY 



Reach out to us and find out how you and your community can help get involved with The Cova Project.

Exciting new opportunities coming soon…



Donating is simple and effective. Hit the button below and instantly support our wonderful cause with the gift of giving. With The Cova Project, a little goes a long way, for the price of half a bacon and egg roll, you can make a real difference...