G.D is an Australian activist and writer. In 2015 she spent some time working with the N/a'an ku sê Foundation and experienced the unique work they were doing in rural, Epikuro, with their Lifeline Clinic. That experience opened G.D's eyes to the plight of Namibia's women, living in impoverished, developing communities. 

"I had mentally prepared myself for the malnutrition and the TB epidemic but I felt like such a fool when I visited the local store and found diapers and pads being sold individually. I couldn't really fathom that you might only have enough money to buy one pad during your period, and you'd have to strategise when to use that ration. The idea of experiencing something associated with so much shame and not having the tools to make it just a little easier on yourself, was heartbreaking. The girls were walking unfathomable distances to school, the women were working desperately to feed their families, where was the space to take care of themselves? We joke about chocolate, rom-coms, asprin, heat packs and Adele but those are the comforts we need, even after having all the pads, tampons and menstrual cups we could possibly want. I just had to try and make life a little easier for these women."


G.D's Favourite Donation


Donate 20 cups and support a whole group of girls. Friendships are essential parts of our support network. By giving 20 cups, you are creating a micro-tribe that increases the chances of the product being used successfully and without the stigma new technologies often carry.


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Every donation is a fantastic contribution. When I was younger, I used to donate $2 to my favourite charity on my way to school. It made for a smaller lunch that day, but I felt it was the right place for that money to go. If you can spare something for this cause, even something very small, please do. We will make sure it goes a long way.
— G.D Anderson